For Bobcat Diagnostic Tool Service Analyzer Diagnostic Tool Diagnostic Kit




or Bobcat Diagnostic Tool Service Analyzer Diagnostic Tool Diagnostic Kit

Supported languages:English, Frensch, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese.


• Remote Start Tool

• Computer service tool harness (for computer)

• Service tool harness (for machines)

• BOSS service tool harness (for BOSS controller on an “F” series loader)

• Bobcat Service Analyzer 82.11

Service Analyzer – allows communicate with the Electronic Control Modules (ECMs), existing and potential problems to be diagnosed. Connect, monitor and diagnose Loaders, Excavators, Utility Work Machines, VersaHandlers.


• Monitor – allows the technician to view certain vital machine sensor values in a digital and bar graph form. The technician is also able to select sensor values to be displayed in a large digital format for easier viewing. The bar graphs change colors depending on current sensor state.

• Warnings – allows the technician to view Stored Service Codes history, the number of total machine Warning and Shutdowns that have occurred, and adjusting of the Maintenance Clock settings.

• Diagnostics – allows the ability to monitor display panel operation, drive and workgroup functions, attachment controls and the Radio Remote Control transmitter operation and re-syncing to the receiver. Test lights, controls, panels, buttons, indicators.

• Install – allows updating of dealer information and adding new kits to the machine that are connected to a controller.

• Program / Update – allows updating software to select controllers. It also allows entry of machine’s serial number, hours (new controllers only) and enabling / disabling installed Options and Kits.



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