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Diesel / Automotive Solutions

Diesel / Automotive Solutions

HP Tuners MPVI2+ Pro VCM Suite


HP Tuners MPVI2+ Pro VCM Suite

VCM Suite Product Information


The MPVI2 supports GM, Ford, Dodge and Mercedes platforms, with other vehicles coming soon!

When you purchase the an MPVI2, you receive the interface, cables, and a USB drive.
The USB drive contains VCM Suite, the custom tuning software that works with the MPVI2.
VCM Suite consists of two parts: VCM Editor and VCM Scanner. You use VCM Editor to custom tune the vehicle and VCM Scanner to datalog parameters, record runs, and manage data so you can build the best possible custom tune. With only a laptop (Windows 10), an MPVI2 and some know how, you can read, edit and program your vehicle!

HP Tuners uses a credit system that appears difficult to understand initially, but makes sense and offers a convenient “pay as you go” scenario for shops, minimizing your out of pocket investment in these valuable tools. In other words, this system allows you a low initial cost, and access to ALL of the vehicles we support, with a SINGLE interface. With the MPVI2, credits are now universal! This means that credits purchased for an MPVI2 can be used on any supported vehicle, regardless of make.

With either interface, you can license:

-A single vehicle (typically 2,4 or 6 credits depending on application). You can then tune that single vehicle (unique VIN) an unlimited number of times.

-A single year, make, model, (typically 6 or 12 credits), and tune as many of them as you want.
(Only available on some applications, please see the far right columns in the application guide:

-A generation of like vehicles (all GM LS1/LS6 cars for example).
(Also see application guide)

Once a vehicle (unique VIN number) is licensed, you can tune it as many times as you want.
You may also scan (datalog) any vehicle that you would like without consuming any credits, provided we support that vehicle!

 Pro Feature Set enables the use of the latest sensor input/output hardware from HP Tuners with the Pro Link+.