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Bmw SSS Virtual Virtual machine



This system works with all BMW “E-Series” models from 1987 (if equipped for the newer system) through 2009 Model year vehicles – for the “Dealer” tools, and from 1987 (same) through 2017. For Mini’s this system works with all “R-Series” Mini’s from 2001 – 2009 when using the “Dealer” tools, and for the factory tools all “R-Series” Mini’s though 2016.

What can you do with these tools?

Basically anything the dealer could do:

  • Dealer Level Diagnostics
  • Auto Identify your vehicle when using a completely functional EDIABAS type interface
  • Fault Reading / Resetting
  • Code / Program modules
  • Coding of New Battery to your BMW
  • Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes
  • Reset Service Light
  • Apply Firmware & Software updates
  • DIS play Real Time Diagnosis and Data
  • Check ABS Wheel Speed Sensor function
  • Test specific systems
  • Create Test Plans for Repairs/Upgrades/Updates
  • EWS DME Synchronization
  • Programming of vehicle functions (including retrofitting of items)
  • Coding of vehicle functions
  • Key Memory and Personalization
  • Reset Adaptations
  • Steering angle sensor adaptation
  • Systems Activation
  • Reset SMG / SSG Functions
  • Plus many more tasks!

Some factory “EDIABAS” tool functions:

  • Change the Vehicle Order (ZCS or VO) to reflect different battery capacity
  • Register new battery
  • Change functional parameters of installed systems
  • Flash modules with updated software
  • Directly read the status of an individual modules
  • Directly activate individual modules for testing
  • Perform tasks that the DIS or Progman are explicitly blocked from performing (Example: clear a used module so it can be moved to a new vehicle. This cannot always be done, some modules – EWS, DME, KOMBI are examples of modules that for most models may possibly be blocked from being altered in this way.)
  • And so much more…

What Makes our system Different?

Our pss-autosoft EasyInstall™ custom installation takes all the guesswork out of installing and configuring all the software – from the suggested support applications (except the PDF reader or VMware Workstation/Player) to the correct configuration of the EDIABAS no special steps are required by you. You provide a laptop, notebook or desktop with a reasonably clean copy of Windows, and this system will connect to your car and work the first time, and every time.

While we have made the installation painless, we have also made using the tools much easier too. The BMW and Mini “DIS ” and “SSS Progman” interfaces have been modified to allow the user to get more out of the system. The SSS Progman runs on Windows XP embedded, and we have altered it to allow easy printing inside the SSS, to allow drag and drop to the host system, have re-included the guest OS with the startup and shut-down using Windows alone.

The DIS (both v44 and v57) allow the user to print reports directly as PDF files while using the DIS , and the BMW Technical Information System (TIS) is fully installed.

The DIS and SSS Progman communicate with the host system (and the BMW Mini or Rolls-Royce) the first time, every time.

The DIS versions have been modified with the following features:

    • Printing is enabled to an external (network) printer. We use several Windows utility programs to capture the output from the DIS to create PDF files from the DIS print program.
    • Customized the DIS interface to allow access to external program
    • Eliminated troublesome OEM “Touchscreen” drivers and fixed Mouse interface issues
    • Added specific warning message to buttons that can cause user to damage the DIS when random “experiments” by the user are performed
    • Custom configuration menu added to the DIS to allow different configurations for different uses:
  • Change the EDIABAS configuration for different “Heads”
  • Change the “Process” configuration in the DIS for different modes
  • Change protocol translator for OEM heads or after-market cables
  • Shutdown option – this correctly closes the DIS application and gracefully closes the internal database. The OEM system was intended to run 24/7/365 and only the I.T. department had access to a shutdown utility. To keep users from damaging the database, we added in this shutdown procedure.
  • Restart procedure. Same logic as above, but to gracefully restart the system.
  • Access to the UNIX network administration. This allows users to modify the DIS when using an OEM head on a real local area network. This is for advanced use ONLY!
  • Access to the UNIX general administration tools. Again, for advanced users only!
  • Standardized all our DIS offerings so they all function the same from version to version

The SSS Progman application has been modified in several important ways:

    • The dreaded “12.4 Volt” issue that is prevalent in other SSS Progman versions has been eliminated when using any after-market USB or Serial cable
    • When using any after-market cable, the Progman application is in one of two modes: EDIC or OPS. And depending upon the model and year of the vehicle you may NEED either EDIC or OPS mode. When using an original BMW diagnostic head, there is yet a third mode the Progman needs. We include a utility program that allows user to switch the modes between:
  • EDIC MODE (Early cars, typically K-Line)
  • OPS MODE (Later cars, typically DCAN)
  • OEM MODE (For users using a “Real” BMW diagnostic head)
  • Customized the Progman Home screen to add a shutdown option. Because these tools were intended to basically run 24/7, the user rarely shut them off, leaving them connected to the workshop LAN for constant access to BMW updates. Users today however, need to shut down their Progman correctly at the end of the day to avoid damaging the built in database. This provides that ability.

Printing to the host computer from the DIS is included – works on Windows XP through Windows Windows 11. The files are pre-configured to print to a PDF file, and then are saved to your host computer for later review or printing (since most of us do not have printers near our cars). Printing from the SSS Progman is also handled, but for convenience sake, it is saved as a PDF file inside the SSS environment, where you can drag and drop it to your host system. Note that if you are using a factory BMW diagnostic head, printing through the virtual network does not work as the machines physical network is used. However, printing will still work if you switch interfaces in the DIS and VMware or if you are using the OEM head through a router and not directly connected to the PC.

EDIABAS Cable Select utility.

The core program that defines the system configuration. Functions with all interface types

We have full support for USB EDIABAS interface cables, as well as Serial ADS and K-Line cables, the factory BMW DK multiplexer (also known as a Yellow Head and sometimes incorrectly as a ) as well as the BMW OPS and OPPS diagnostic multiplexers. Included are utility programs to configure the system to use whichever diagnostic interface you need. The primary tool is the EZCableSelect utility which reconfigures the EDIABAS configuration files to match whichever cable you need at the moment. It will recognize both standard Serial Ports built into the machine, and those virtual serial ports created by the FTDI installation. When you are using a USB cable, there are special utilities used to configure the cable (and that only need to be run one time per USB cable) as well the Cable Select utility that will configure the system. Complete support to use the EDIABAS with the factory heads is included.

There are a couple of limitations to using a serial ADS cable that you should be aware of. First ADS cable drivers will only run properly on Windows XP so if you plan on diagnosing/coding an ADS car you need Windows XP. Second, the SSS Progman, does not reliably connect to ADS cars. We have had very mixed results in success with this (generally we believe it will not work). However, the DIS v44 has complete functionality with ADS cars and you can perform any task through the DIS that you could with the SSS Progman, and for those with the oldest BMW’s we also offer (via download) the DIS v39.

What Will You Do?

On your selected notebook or laptop or desktop, install the appropriate version of VMware player (free from VMware for non-commercial use) or if you already have your own copy of VMware workstation, it must be no older than 6.5. Insert the PSS DVD into your laptops DVD reader and the install process will start.

How does it install? Well unlike all the other ebay offerings, there are no complicated instructions including things like ‘change this setting in your Windows to make this program work.’ The Custom PSS Installer for determines your Operating System and install will initiate the installation of all required software accordingly. Complete instructions are provided, and support (should you need it) is readily available by email, phone or using TeamViewer (TeamViewer is included on the DVD and in the download installation).

What You Get:

A DVD or down-loadable installer with the custom installation which includes the following software:

DIS showing Technical Information System (TIS) data

DIS Main Screen (all versions except Rolls-Royce

DIS showing Technical Information System (TIS) data.DIS V57 Main Screen.

  • Preconfigured EDIABAS 6.4.7 with data through 2008, Preconfigured EDIABAS 7.3.0 with data through Dec 2017
  • EDIABAS includes (just a partial listing):
    • INPA
    • NFS (New Flash System)
    • Tool32
    • WinKFP

DIS and Progman versions:

    • DIS v44
    • DIS v57*
    • SSS Progman v32*
    • TIS v12/2007 (This is installed in all our DIS offerings (for BMW and Mini), it is not standalone!)
    • The pss-autosoft EasyInstall™ utility programs to configure, test and verify system settings:
      • DirectInstall – This is the utility used for installing the system via download. Not generally used with the DVD version, but included
      • EZCableSelect – Utility that allows users to select ANY serial, USB or LAN connection for their actual cable. Supports M.O.S.T. for OPS/OPPS/ICOM heads.
      • EZCheckSettings – Utility that verifies the actual setting changes necessary to run the BMW tools are valid.
      • EZConfigure – This utility actually configures any settings that cannot be set until the remainder of the system is installed. This includes:
        1. Adding installed virtual machines to VMware Player menu
        2. Modifying the VMware network interface to work with the BMW tools
        3. Modifying the Windows Firewall settings to allow the BMW tools to communicate internally
        4. Plus much more…
      • EZFTDIConfigure – This programs sole function is to set the FTDI latency
      • EZSwitch – This program is only used when the install “Dual-EDIABAS” option was chosen. This allows the user to change the active EDIABAS as needed for specific tasks.
      • EZUpdate – Utility that downloads optional files. Specifically the WinKFP “Assembly Line Data”. This data is needed when there is a reason to “Flash” an module to some other software level. And when an “Emergency Flash” is required to recover a bricked module.
      • EZWinKFPCheck – When there has been one or more of the WinKFP Assembly Line Data sets downloaded, there is a need to select the correct chassis data for the data in use. This tool allows the user to switch as needed.
    • FTDI USB drivers
    • Complete documentation on installing the EasyInstall™ system.
    • All required supporting applications except VMware and Virtual Clone Drive. The VCD is only downloaded if needed when using the OEM EDIABAS CD image files.
    • TeamViewer version 11 for remote support Support is also available via phone and email


  • Optional items that are NOT on the DVD but available via download ONLY:
    • DIS v39 (English only) (Useful for those with the earliest BMW’s, also includes English TIS)
    • French DIS v57 (includes French Language TIS)
    • German DIS v57 (includes German Language TIS)
    • **WinKFP/NFS “Assembly Line Data” – available for one model or all models. (This can take up to an additional 45 GB of disk space)

* Note that BMW NEVER released any version of the SSS Progman past v32 or DIS past 57. Any version claiming to be newer (such as one vendors SSS v63 I saw recently) is using data that was hacked into the system. What they have done in every instance is dump the raw BMW update data that BMW releases monthly to their workshops into the DIS in place of the files already there. This would be fine except that BMW INCLUDES A DATABASE WHICH CONTAINS ALL THE RELEVANT DATA RELATING TO CHASSIS, DATA, REVISIONS, AND ADAPTATIONS FOR THE ACTUAL INCLUDED DATA. Since there is no way to integrate this “updated data” into the existing DIS or Progman database, at best you have a bloated DIS that has gigabytes of useless data, at worst you have a DIS that will actually damage your vehicle if coding is attempted because a file that was replaced shares the same basic structure and file name as one referenced in the database, but the contents are completely different which then causes faulty data to be encoded to your vehicle.

**Our EZUpdate program is a utility that allows users to get the addition Assembly Line data files for the WinKFP/NFS tool set, correctly integrated into the installed EDIABAS 7.3.0 system. This will allow you to code/diagnose all models (excluding F-series BMW’s and Minis) up to the 12/2017 Model year. This download (if you choose the whole package) requires up to an additional 45 GB of disk space to install on top of the existing system.

What You Need:

Windows based Computer (PC or notebook) with:

    • CPU capable of supporting “Virtualization” (and capable of running VMware Player 3 and newer or Workstation 6.5 and newer) – Intel VT or AMD V are the common names for this CPU feature. When there is an option, the Intel line of CPUs is preferred due to easier VMware compatibility with the virtual machine/host machine architecture.
    • For DVD versions, a DVD reader either internal or external (Media is supplied on an 8.5GB DVD).
    • The screen resolution must be at least 1024 x 768.
    • For use with ADS and serial diagnostic cables a REAL ***RS232 COM1 9 pin Serial Port. (For serial format ADS interface this is mandatory.)
    • USB port supported by your EDIABAS cable (for non-serial after-market interfaces)
    • Ethernet Port (only when using an OEM diagnostic head)
    • Windows XP 32-bit (with service pack 3), Vista with all applicable updates, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and in 32- or 64-bit versions. Windows 11 64-bit only (Windows 8.0 not supported, only the updated 8.1 version) Windows 10 and Windows 11 are not really recommended, however they will work. Contact us with any questions.
    • 1.5 GB RAM is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM RAM (after all other processes that use RAM are taken into account) on Windows XP, newer operating systems require more. Ideally 3 GB or more is better (if the OS supports more).
    • Windows must have at least Internet Explorer 8.0 for the install to work!
    • A PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader for example)
    • The Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
    • At least 45 GB free disk space before starting the installation. (Up to an additional 45 GB needed if you choose to add the complete EDIABAS Assembly Line data set)
    • A CLEAN install of Genuine Windows. Note that ALL MODERN anti-virus programs are incompatible with the BMW tools, only the “Microsoft Security Essentials” (XP – Windows 7) or “Windows Defender” (Windows 8 – Windows 11) known to work 100% without fault.
    • Reasonably high-speed Internet for on-line remote support, getting the “Download” version and downloading updates. Internet access only required when installing and downloading components.
    • VMware Player (3 through most current versions are known to work) or VMware workstation 6.5 or newer appropriate for your computers OS and CPU type. (installer provides links to the VMware website to download them, or when not available, can be downloaded here (Mega.nz server), or here (local server)
      VMware Player 16 or newer required for Windows 10/11

      NOTE: It is recommended that the oldest version of VMware Player that is compatible with your operating system be used. For Windows 10 and Windows 11, that means always using the most current version of VMware Player due to Microsoft and VMware’s update policies. For all other versions of Windows, we recommend VMware Player 6 for CPU’s that support it, or VMware Player 3 when the CPU does NOT support x64 instructions. There is a known issue with VMware Player 16 and DIS v57, see here for fix.

You also must provide the appropriate interface cable to match your car. Must be one of the following types:

  • EDIABAS Compatible EDIABAS/OBD 9 pin Serial Interface to 16 Pin OBD and/or Round 20 Pin  OBD Connector  ( if needed for the under-hood adapter connection point).
  • EDIABAS Compatible ADS 9 pin Serial Interface to Round 20 Pin  ADS Connector  (required for early [approximately 1987-1997] cars)
  • EDIABAS Compatible USB (based on an FTDI Chip-set) to 16 Pin KCAN or DCAN OBD (or K+DCAN) with Round 20 Pin  KCAN OBD Connector  ( if needed for the under-hood adapter connection point). These are available as “KK-Line” (dual K-Line) or “K+DCAN”. If diagnosing an early K-Line car with the K+DCAN ensure it has the adapter for the missing second data line.
  • BMW DK “Yellow Head” multiplexer, or the BMW OPS or OPPS multiplexer and a physical Ethernet LAN port.
  • (NOTE!! You don’t need all of them, just the appropriate connection for your car. If you’ve any questions or doubts about which is correct, please ask before buying a cable.)

***If you have an ADS car you MUST have a real serial port hardware address as COM1 and your computer must run Windows XP and you must have a ADS cable! Unless using a factory DK diagnostic multiplexer. While there at least one vendor offering an ADS cable with a custom “ADS” driver for FTDI USB, it may encounter errors as suggested by their own documentation. This means we still strongly suggest using the older serial ADS cables.

Dealer Software model coverage – 1987 through 2009

Table with BMW 'E-Series' and MINI 'R-Series' the BMW software works with.

This table shows the models supported by the Mini and BMW diagnostic DEALER software. You need to ensure that you have the correct cable for your car and that it fits the other requirements listed. Note that DCAN cars newer than about 2007 may not code if they’ve been dealer changed to the later ISTA system. We believe that any car built after 2009 will not code with this DEALER software. Cars that have been coded by later ISTA software cannot be coded with Progman! Cars series included in the table that are older than the 1987/88 introduction of the ADS interface will not diagnose even if in this list (such as early E28 models that lacked the 20 pin DLC). Cars that are newer model years than the early 2009 models supported (E9x 3 series for example were built until 2011) and those models that came after 2009 would definitely NOT work with this software. Please contact us for more information.


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